Take the Pro-Truth Pledge

“Tired of living in a culture of lies, fake news, and alternative facts?” That’s the question being asked by the people behind the Pro-Truth Pledge. The answer is, of course, “yes”! We live in a world of new media saturated with misleading stories and blatant falsehoods being promoted and shared as news. ‘Fake News’ and misinformation on politics and our day-to-day lives is not only common, but its downright harmful.  The folks behind the Pro-Truth Pledge have dedicated themselves to fighting back by holding candidates, public officials, and other public figures accountable for their statements.

According to the Pro-Truth Pledge website, taking the pledge means that you agree to:

Share truth

  • Verifyfact-check information to confirm it is true before accepting and sharing it
  • Balance: share the whole truth, even if some aspects do not support my opinion
  • Cite: share my sources so that others can verify my information
  • Clarify: distinguish between my opinion and the facts

Honor truth

  • Acknowledge: acknowledge when others share true information, even when we disagree otherwise
  • Reevaluate: reevaluate if my information is challenged, retract it if I cannot verify it
  • Defend: defend others when they come under attack for sharing true information, even when we disagree otherwise
  • Align: align my opinions and my actions with true information

Encourage truth

  • Fix: ask people to retract information that reliable sources have disproved even if they are my allies
  • Educate: compassionately inform those around me to stop using unreliable sources even if these sources support my opinion
  • Defer: recognize the opinions of experts as more likely to be accurate when the facts are disputed
  • Celebrate: celebrate those who retract incorrect statements and update their beliefs toward the truth

It may seem odd that a pledge of this sort is even necessary, but with the impact fake news may have had in the last election, pledging to support truth and holding people with influence accountable is key to promoting reason and fact-based policy.

Method Social Kinetics support the Pro-Truth pledge. We ask that you to keep us accountable for our statements and will be encouraging our clients to take the pledge as well.

We signed the Pro-Truth Pledge: please hold us accountable.

Learn more at ProTruthPledge.org