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A word from our founder


Andre Salais

Founder & CEO

I’ve spent the last 8-years dedicating my life to social change causes aimed at creating a more progressive world. With the emergence of big-data, on-demand media, and the social network, our politics evolved a far greater level of complexity. While the paradigm of 21st century politics presents new variables to grapple with, it brings opportunities to reach target audiences on a far more personal level than ever before. We live in an age of data. This allows us to tailor messaging to what matters to individuals, appealing to their humanity to generate civic engagement.

As a Humanist, I envision a world that values empathy, community, creativity, and sustainability. To achieve this vision, we must leverage the best available data. Thought data-driven, innovative, and hyper-targeted messaging and social strategy, your message has the power to generate social movements with long-term potential for engagement and social change.

It is my sincere hope that you will make Method Social Kinetics a part of your vision for a better world.

— Andre Salais, Founder & CEO

Our Values are Humanist


We work with clients who believe progress is possible. Building a world that benefits all of us is our mission.


Real progress and social change depend on building movements. Together we can change the world.


Technology and society won’t wait for us to catch up. We thrive on ingenuity, adaptation, and innovation.


We work for causes, candidates, and business that are committed to preserving our only planet for future generations.

We signed the Pro-Truth Pledge: please hold us accountable.

How We Work



A strong game-changing strategy begins with first developing an understanding of scope and scale of achievable goals, second assessing all of the relevant variables, and third laying out a variety of options for bringing your vision to fruition.


Team Work

To reach the desired engagement and social change change outcomes, team work and trust based collaboration are key. Changing the world is no easy task and there will be obstacles along the way, but our dedication to a creative approach to strategy means being adaptable to an ever evolving environment.



Our approach to messaging, marketing, and strategy translates to more meaningful and measurable outcomes than a broad traditional approach to generating participation and audience engagement. Reaching huge populations is great, but the rate of engagement is what really differentiates effective campaigns from billboards and expensive television commercials. 

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