Social engagement strategy

Technology Focused

21st century social strategy is the confluence of people skills & technology. Social networks & the world of on-demand media allows your message to be tailored to audiences at a staggering level of precision.

Data Driven

We live in a world driven by big data. While savvy is important to reaching people, the best strategy is backed by the best data. Take the legwork out of developing your strategy and make your dollar count! 

Designed for YOU

Whether we’re building your website, designing your resumé, or creating a complete outreach & ground strategy for your political campaign, our focus will always be on how we can help you succeed!


Values Matter

Ethics and Impact > Money

At Method Social Kinetics, we pride ourselves on our dedication to creating a better world. The clients we work with, how we work for our clients, and our vision for the world are tied to Humanist values that put people, progress, and our planet first:

Empathy, Sustainability, Creativity, and Community.

What can Method do for you?



Web Presence


Your brand is how the public comes to know you. Stand out with a professionally designed brand tailored to you.


What makes a brand effective? How can I leverage market trends? We can help build your brand on the best available data.


We put data to work for you. Precisely targeted & crafted messaging mean access to a high-efficacy audience.


Social media, messaging, targeting, and ground strategies all benefit when your campaign team includes qualified experts.


We take a science based approach to campaign strategy, reaching the highest-efficacy voters with maximum efficiency.


We provide policy writing, research, and consulting services for progressive candidates and causes. 

Web Design

Stand out with a website custom designed for you. From resumés to powerful eCommerce integration, we can help.


We guarantee our clients 99% uptime and the server resources they need to handle their web traffic, all managed in house.


Web technology not your forte? Free up your time by having your content managed by Method.


What are you waiting for?

There is no better time than now. How will you change the world? Let find out together!

College students graduating with debt
Americans who didn't vote
Americans making less than $25k per year

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